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Fidelity Investments which is commonly known as Fidelity is an excellent option if you’re in search of an online broker with low costs. The company also provides additional financial services to its clients, like Fidelity Cash Management Account, which is the Fidelity Cash Management Account that shares the features that are common to checking and savings accounts. In reality, you can make use of this account to make purchases, save or even invest your money.

Fidelity Cash Management Account: Key Features

The interest rates for the Fidelity Cash Management Account are higher than average, however, they’re not among the highest APYs that you’ll find. But the account does come with some notable attributes that be a great fit for people seeking a different option to the traditional savings or checking account.

A nice benefit is that there aren’t any minimum deposit requirements that you must meet. You don’t need to worry about having to pay annual fees to maintain your account as well. Customers can enjoy free online bill payment as well as unlimited check writing, and no-cost mobile check deposit options.

Using an account with Fidelity Cash Management Account

Another major benefit of using an account with Fidelity Cash Management Account is in the form of worldwide reimbursed ATM charges. If you make use of the Fidelity debit card in a deemed ATM (any ATM with the Visa, Plus, or Star logo) to cash out, Fidelity will credit your account for any ATM fees that are deducted from your balance. Most of the time fee reimbursement occurs within a day.

The account gives you the freedom to save, invest, or use your funds for spending. If you choose not to put your money but do so, any balance that remains in the Fidelity Cash Manager Account might be suitable for insurance coverage from The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Be aware it is that Fidelity Cash Management Account in fact not really banking. But it is a brokerage account. However, the company collaborates with banks that partner with it to develop the Fidelity FDIC Insured Deposit Sweep Program.

Through the deposit sweep program, Fidelity will distribute the uninvested cash balance of the Fidelity cash management account to various bank accounts — up to $245,000 per account. This will ensure you remain within FDIC coverage limits. You can enjoy the possibility of up to 5 million dollars in FDIC insurance on the cash management accounts provided that the banks participating in Fidelity’s deposit sweep have capacity available.

About Fidelity Cash Management Account: Other Account Options

Fidelity Investments is not an institution but a broker online that provides services to more than forty million clients. Alongside its trading platform on the Internet, The Boston-based firm also provides financial planning services as well as advice on managing wealth through its robo-advisory functions.

The Fidelity investment platform doesn’t provide traditional deposit accounts such as savings or money market accounts, but you are able to collaborate together with Fidelity to open different types of investment accounts.

Customers who are members of Fidelity can access mutual funds and options, currencies, and a range of fixed-income instruments such as bonds (e.g. Treasury bonds, corporate bonds municipal bonds) and CDs. Investors also have the option of taking advantage of the robo-advisor service that is available on Fidelity’s site and mobile application.

Fidelity Cash Management Account Compare Savings Account Rates

As previously mentioned, Fidelity’s Cash Management Account does outperform the national average APY for both checking and savings accounts. It also beats the national average for APYs on CDs and money market accounts in addition.

As per the FDIC FDIC, below are the deposit rates in the United States. For various deposit accounts on May 15th, 2023.

  • Interest checking: 0.07%
  • Savings: 0.40%
  • Market in money: 0.59%
  • 1-month CD: 0.26%
  • 6-month CD: 1.19%
  • 12-month CD: 1.59%
  • 24-month CD: 1.45%
  • 60-month CD: 1.37%1

Obviously, if you take the time to search for interest rates from the top bank online. You’re most likely to discover APYs that are significantly over the deposit rates offered by national banks over. Also, you’ll probably find interest rates higher than the rates Fidelity offers through the Cash Management Account in addition. But the no-cost Cash Management Account could still work well alongside a Fidelity brokerage for specific customers.

Does Fidelity Cash Management Account Have a High-Yield Savings Account?

Fidelity does not offer customers traditional bank accounts, such as savings accounts with high yield or others. It does, however. Fidelity collaborates with various banks to offer their (C M A) accessible to customers looking for an account that can meet their basic banking requirements as well as earn interest from their savings in cash while earning interest on their savings. Unfortunately, its APYs do not usually compare to the highest-yielding savings accounts currently available.

What’s the Minimum Balance for a Fidelity Savings Account?

There aren’t any minimal deposit requirements. You need to be able to meet in order to open the Fidelity Cash Management Account. In addition, Fidelity doesn’t charge any monthly fees for the maintenance of the account. Also, unlike other savings accounts, it doesn’t have a minimum balance. That you need to maintain in order to be eligible to be exempt from fees, either.2

What Do You Need to Open a Fidelity Savings Account?

In the majority of instances. You can sign up for an account with Fidelity Cash Management Account through the online form. You can sign up for both the (F C M A). As well as the Fidelity brokerage account within a single online session If you’d like.

In the event that your account for cash management has special trust registrations, the process will be slightly different. Accounts that have trust registrations will require the user to print, download, and fill out a PDF form.

How Often Does Fidelity Pay Interest?

Interest is accrued every day in the (C M A) and Fidelity offers its customers interest each final business day of each month (for balances that are swept to partner banks by the Deposit Sweep Program). Be aware that if you decide to put the money into the Cash Management Account, however, it isn’t eligible to receive interest.


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