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Are you looking for jobs that aren’t skilled in Australia? Your desire to move to Australia to work is likely to be realized as numerous firms in Australia are hiring untrained workers for certain jobs that don’t require specialized qualifications.

Which unskilled jobs are in demand in Australia

It is crucial to know that certain firms are willing to provide visas to foreign workers, meaning you are more likely of being employed in Australia. We’ve put together the list of current unkilled positions in Australia and we are able to confirm that employers will hire foreign workers for these jobs.

To improve your chances of being hired, ensure that you review. The complete information of each job posting and follow the process of applying with care.

What is it you’re doing? Begin searching for untrained jobs in Australia and begin the journey toward your goal of working in this gorgeous nation.

  • Country: Australia
  • Job type: Unskilled
  • Experience Required: No
  • Knowledge Required: No
  • Age Limit: Minimum 22 Years
  • Visa Sponsorship: Certain businesses offer
  • Salary: 20 AUD/ Hour


  • Australia has a good pay rate
  • Certain companies are willing to sponsor visas
  • Exposure to a New Culture
  • Improved Language Skills
  • Career Opportunities

Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone legally able to work in Australia can apply for untrained jobs. This is inclusive of Australian citizens. As well as permanent residents and people with valid work visas and permits.

Foreign workers are also eligible to apply for these positions provided they meet the qualifications and have the proper permits or visas for working in Australia. It is important to verify the requirements for eligibility for each job posting and make sure you have all the required documentation prior to applying.

Average Salary

In accordance with the minimum wage for national workers in Australia, the minimum wage for adults working full-time can be found at AUD 20.33 for an hour, or AUD 772.60 per week of 38 hours without tax. Certain jobs that aren’t skilled could pay higher than this, particularly when you have previous experience or have skills popular.

A few of the jobs that are not skilled that are available in Australia and their wages are:

  • Fruit Picker/Harvester: AUD 20-25 per hour
  • Farm Laborer: AUD 20-25 per hour
  • Cleaning Service: 20-25 AUD for an hour
  • Sales Assistants: 20-25 AUD an hour
  • Warehouse Workers: between 20 and 25 AUD an hour

List of Available Unskilled Jobs in Australia

Fruit Picker/Harvester

Harvesting or fruit picking is a very popular, untrained job in Australia, especially during the season of harvest. The job entails picking fruit such as grapes, apples, berries, and citrus fruits from orchards or farms.


  1. Examining the quality of fruits and their ripeness
  2. Hand-picking fruits or using tools like cherries or ladders
  3. Sorting and packing fruits into containers or crates
  4. Machines that operate, like harvesters, tractors, or pruning equipment
  5. Cleaning and securing work areas

Farm Worker/Laborer

Workers and farm workers are accountable for completing different tasks associated with farming, including harvesting, planting, and maintaining crops or taking care of livestock.


  1. Preparing the soil to plant crops
  2. Pruning, planting, and harvesting the crops
  3. Watering, feeding, and taking care of animals
  4. Maintenance and operation of farm equipment and machinery
  5. Sorting, packing, and moving produce
  6. Inspecting fences, buildings, and other structures for farms
  7. Cleansing and disinfecting farm equipment, and facilities


Cleaners are responsible for maintaining and maintaining public areas offices, public spaces, or private residences. The job of a non-skilled cleaner is highly sought-after in Australia. Especially in the towns and cities.


  1. Cleaning, dusting, and mopping floors
  2. Kitchens and bathrooms must be cleaned.
  3. Vacuuming upholstery and carpets
  4. Eliminating recyclables and trash
  5. Supplying items like soap and toilet paper
  6. Informing about issues with maintenance or safety risks

Retail Assistant

Retail assistants are in charge of aiding customers in shops and supermarkets as well as in malls. This job that is not highly skilled is highly sought-after in Australia, particularly in cities with a lot of pedestrian flow.


  1. Helping customers greet them and responding to their questions
  2. Helping customers find products or sizes
  3. Handling payments
  4. Storage shelves and organizing items
  5. Maintaining the store clean and neat
  6. Monitoring the levels of inventory and reporting discrepancies
  7. Processing exchanges and returns
  8. Promotion of sales and the launch of new products

How to Apply

The most convenient method of applying for all the jobs available in Australia is to apply through the website for job portals where you can look up your job’s title, and view the many jobs available that are related to the keywords you are searching for. Here are a few job listings to help you locate job opportunities in Australia.

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