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A guest post for SEO is the practice of composing a blog post for a different site and adding the link to your site within the blog post. Guest posting is a good practice for SEO as it boosts visibility, authority, and backlinks to your site.

Is Guest Posting Safe In SEO?

Guest post in SEO is secure provided you follow the most effective guidelines for writing high-quality guest blog posts. The guest post method as an SEO method is an effective method of building high-quality backlinks for your website to boost your rankings in search engines and promote your brand to a larger public.

There are a couple of things to be aware of when you are guest blogging to improve your SEO

Check that the website that you’re guest posts on is appropriate to your area of expertise. It’s best to post an article posted on a relevant website to be able to rank for SEO and also gain targeted traffic from those that are looking for your company.

Always write content of high quality that adds value for the reader. Don’t guest post just to get the backlink. Be sure that your post is worthwhile to read. Also, you want readers to click your links within the article to read more about your information.

Use anchor text with care whenever linking your site to boost off-page SEO. Anchor text is what you use to link an expression or word to your site. Anchor text that contains keywords may appear sloppy and make your site to be penalized by Google. The best general rule of thumb is to utilize natural anchors for your guest post, according to this guide to optimizing anchor text.

Check that the website you’re guest-posting on is one with a good-quality domain and a high amount of traffic. The more authority the domain has higher, the more valuable your backlink will usually be. Be sure to make your link published on a website that has at minimum 1,000 monthly visits. This is a sign that the website has a good reputation with Google and will send qualified traffic to your site via backlinks.

How Does Guest Post Help In SEO?

Guest post aid in SEO by generating backlinks for your site and the possibility of exposing your content to a  new audience, which can result in more organic traffic as well as hyperlinks from other owners of websites. All in all, guest post aids to improve SEO both in terms of ranking on search engines and brand recognition.

Guest posting is among the most effective methods to increase your website’s SEO in an effort to build links. According to a link-building study carried out by Authority Hacker, 64.9 percent of link builders, as well as blog owners, are using this method as a primary strategy to boost SEO off-page. By releasing high-quality content on other websites that are popular you can improve your site’s visibility, develop connections with other webmasters and drive the traffic to your site.

If executed correctly If done correctly, guest posting can be a highly effective digital marketing tool, which establishes your company as an authority in your field. This will result in increasing the number of natural backlinks you get over time.

Increases the Number of Backlinks

If you write a guest blog for other websites, you are able to include a link to your site in your bio of the author and/or within the text of your blog post. This can increase the number of high-quality backlinks that link to your website and domain pages, which is an important element in determining your search rank on search engines.

Improves Topical Authority

When you publish blog posts for guest blogs on issues related to your site and include links to relevant web pages on your site You can help boost the authority of your domain’s subject matter. This is crucial since Google assesses the relevance of your website’s content to certain terms to determine how high it will rank in the search results.

Guest Blogging In SEO Strategy

Determine Your Guest Blogging Goals

In the case of guest blogging for SEO, it is first necessary to establish your goals. The most popular objectives are:

Linking backlinks to your site

Increased awareness of brands

Selling leads or generating leads

The process of attracting new visitors to your site

As you will observe that not every guest article must be solely focused on gaining backlinks. It is also possible to use an article as a guest to increase awareness of your brand and increase sales, while also increasing your website’s backlink profile to improve SEO.

Qualify the Guest Blogging Sites

Before pitching a guest blog idea, it’s important to be sure that the website is reliable and offers top-quality content. Here are a few points to consider:

The website must be able to demonstrate good domain authority.

The information on the site should be well-written and informative.

The site must have an adequate amount of visitors.

The site shouldn’t be solely designed to facilitate guest post submission. If each published article contains obvious links outbound to other websites, then it’s most likely designed to promote links, and it should be kept away from them.

If you are able to find a website that fulfills all of these requirements It’s an ideal opportunity to present an appeal.

Write the Guest Post

If your pitch is accepted, you can start writing your guest blog. Make sure you keep these tips in your mind:

Write well-researched, high-quality information. Keep in mind that this content will reflect your company’s image and you’d like it to rank highly in Google for the keywords that it is based on. Check out the following guide to the best way to create content that is ranked for more helpful tips about this.

Include two contextual links to your site.

Include a URL to your website in the bio of the author.

Use anchor text to create your links in a responsible manner Don’t over-use keywords.

Check to see if your article is appropriate for the site.

Maintain the topic relevant to the pages that you’re linking to from your site.

Make Your Guest Blog Post Pitch

After you’ve scouted some potential sites and have qualified them and have them qualified, you can now make your pitch. If you’re pitching a guest blog ensure you include:

What are you looking to write about for the site?

What kind of article do you would like to write.

A brief description of the piece you’re proposing to write.

What do you think about the article? Why do you think it could be a perfect article for the website?

What will this guest post do to benefit the site’s owner as well as the readers of their site?

What strategies will you employ to increase the visibility of the site’s owner, in the event that they are willing to accept your guest article?

When your proposal is well-written and is tailored to the site You’re more likely to be accepted as a guest blogger.

Create Backlinks for the Guest Post

If your budget and time permit, then build backlinks on the guest page of the guest.

This step can improve the PageRank for the article, which will enhance the link equity that is transferred to your website via contextual hyperlinks. Read this additional article to how to build backlinks with no guest posting to learn how to build high-quality links to your article with other strategies for building links.


As you have seen the importance of the guest blog in SEO is an essential element to your marketing plan as it can increase visibility, authority, and backlinks to your site. All of this will help your website be more prominent in search engines, and also attract more of your target viewers.

By Adeel Awan

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