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A pre-owned or refurbished laptop is a tiring process. From double-checking the serial and model numbers to verifying the proper startup and configuration of the build. The burden of reality is firmly upon the shoulders of purchasers.

There are a lot of choices available when you’re in search of an affordable price on laptops. And aren’t concerned about it not being the most recent and best technology. Big-name stores like Best Buy, Amazon, and even Apple offer certified open-box, refurbished as well as pre-owned technology protected by a wide array of exchange and return policies, as well as limited warranties.

They may have the resources of their own staff or use third-party providers to check, clean, and repair equipment for resale to ensure that you buy with confidence. However, there is a downside: there’s a chance that you won’t get the kind of discounts you’d like to receive particularly with Apple Certified Refurbished.

If you’re willing to do the work, you could buy a product with confidence from websites like Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and Craigslist. Craigslist has the greatest difficult site to deal with because the listings don’t have photos of the items being sold or even text descriptions. That means you must be willing to trade details with sellers to obtain a photo or video proof of their equipment’s working condition.

However, it’s still possible that the evidence is faked to convince you to buy an unreliable item or paying money but never getting your computer.

What are the steps to take prior to buying a pre-owned laptop?

If you’re looking to purchase a laptop. That is used — whether it’s used or refurbished through a local buy/sell/trade page. Here are some guidelines to remember to safeguard yourself and your wallet


Secure your identity and protect yourself

Facebook MarketPlace and OfferUp have built-in messaging features that allow you to talk with sellers and buyers. Although this provides a degree of protection you should be cautious about divulging too much personal information. Don’t use your actual name as a username. If the seller would like to meet to sell their items, pick an open, neutral location.

That’s populated (like that parking area at an area Target and Walmart) and bring an accomplice. Someone looking to commit a crime might be wary if they aren’t on their own. Craigslist doesn’t use an internal system for messaging. Instead, it relies on third-party email chains to send messages.

If you’re uncomfortable sharing an email address then you can always create a backup Gmail account. That is specifically designed for purchasing items on Craigslist. This way, you won’t need to be concerned about any personal data being linked to this account. Which reduces the possibility of being swindled or hacked. Make sure you be in neutral areas that are well-lit, well-lit, and well-situated areas for sales.

Bring your companion along and ensure. That others are aware of where you’re going and when they can anticipate your return. So they can come and find you or call the police. If they don’t hear from you or text on time. Make sure to dress to protect yourself! Even if you’ve been vaccinated and are protected. You should protect yourself and the person selling it from nasty bacteria and new Covid variations. A mask can help shield your identity from those who have criminal motives.

You can ask for evidence

The process of buying used equipment from a local vendor. Different from walking into a major retail store and browsing through their used products. There are times when you can’t find the laptop in order to make sure it’s working. This means you need to be inventive. If the listing has photos that show the laptop is powered on and operating properly. Ask for a video showing the entire boot-up procedure starting from the black screen and ending on the home screen.

You’ll be able to tell whether the seller cut any corners to conceal issues or has fabricated the still images. Also, ask for a picture of the laptop’s model as well as a serial number. You could connect these to Google to locate the exact manufacture as well as release dates. Configurations of the build as well as known problems and recalls for any products. This allows you to verify the information supplied by the seller.

Do not pay attention to the unseen.

If a seller insists that you pay them through a money order. Check other services such as Venmo or PayPal before you set eyes on the laptop. It’s an alarming sign. A trustworthy seller shouldn’t have any issues in asking for money. After the item is delivered (if it is able to be delivered by them) or when you’ve checked with yourself that your laptop boots up in a proper manner at a meet-up sale.

Making payment when an item is delivered to you or you’ve got a chance to see the item for yourself can save you lots of pain and cash. Unlike typical online shopping, it’s much more difficult to claim. Your money is back after an unsatisfactory Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist sale since it’s not a commercial transaction.

Find out about warranties.

This is usually the case for retailers that sell used or refurbished laptops, as there is often only a limited warranty to cover issues like damaged screens, cracked batteries, or components that are dead.

However, it never hurts to inquire with a seller if the laptop is covered under any manufacturer’s warranty, particularly when it’s a more recent model. In this way, in the event that something is wrong, you’ll be able to reach out to someone who can help you troubleshoot or provide repairs.

Apple provides AppleCare insurance for certified laptops that have been refurbished along with 90-day technical support, meaning you do not need to worry about your old computer giving up the ghost, making you dry and shaky.

What exactly does it mean when the laptop is being refurbished?

When a laptop’s status is”refurbished,” it means that the retailer’s or manufacturer’s technical support. Has examined the machine for damaged viruses, and dead components. If they find anything that isn’t right (like cracked screens or keyboard that’s broken, or a damaged battery). Then they fix the device and offer it for sale in “like new” condition.

What should you be looking for in a used laptop?

The laptop you are refurbishing is expected to be free from physical damage. Such as cracks, scratches on the screen, bowing keys, or swollen batteries. A condition report should be provided with your brand-new laptop so that you can examine what the retailer has found against what you hold in your own hands.

The condition statement reveals things such as cosmetic defects that cannot be repaired, as well as establishing standards that a laptop or other technology must meet to qualify as an approved used item that is sold by the manufacturer or retailer.

If you notice any damages either cosmetic or otherwise that are not listed in the condition report and you are unsure of the cause, immediately contact the retailer This is crucial when the product is covered by the warranty’s limitations or has a return period. Don’t be dragging your feet and incur huge out-of-pocket costs to repair a problem that could be covered under the warranty or exchange.

Are refurbished items superior to used ones?

Both indicate that somebody has used and owned the laptop prior to getting the laptop. But, if you purchase an authentic used or refurbished laptop. From a retailer such as Apple or Best Buy, oftentimes, it is covered under an insurance policy that is limited. It could cover things such as physical damages and defective components but typically doesn’t provide coverage for the battery.

Be sure to get a thorough description of the warranty prior to your purchase. Pre-owned and certified refurbished laptops also have the same return policy as their new counterparts. So should you find that for any reason, you’re not happy with your brand-new laptop. Then you can take your laptop back to the retailer to get a replacement or cash back.

A laptop that is used through a website such as Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp comes with a risk: the laptop may not start or the hard drive may be damaged or the battery may be poor. Before you purchase, be sure to take the time to look over the laptop and then spend an extended period of time in the hands to ensure there aren’t any surprises to be found. If a seller isn’t willing to allow you to test the laptop prior to purchasing take the opportunity to decline and consider a different option.

What exactly does “open box” mean?

If an item is described with the tag “open box,”. That typically means it was purchased by another person and was then returned back to the retailer. Returns can occur for a variety of reasons. The customer was not interested in the item or it wasn’t the right item, they were not happy with the color, etc. Open boxes contain the original paperwork and often include the original packaging making it easier to resolve any issues using the helpline or user manual number.

Similar to any second-hand or refurbished product it is important to examine your laptop to be sure that it’s working and isn’t damaged. It’s much easier to fix issues earlier and let the retailer know rather than delay and possibly miss out on return windows or warranty protection.

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